Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. of North Dakota

Musings of the GRAND SECRETARY

Fall 2021

Lon Kvasage is the 2017-2018 Grand Secretary

Post Pandemic Reset.

Times of disruption and transition create opportunities for growth and change, call it a “Fresh Start”. Disruption can come in many forms; it happens when life knocks us out of our routine. For many of us there has never been a bigger disruption than this pandemic we all face. It changed how we work, eat, sleep and connect with others. One of the biggest obstacles is overcoming the stay-at-home habits that we all have fallen victim to.

The Grand Lodge along with many of its Lodges have changed how we get together. Both have used platforms such as Zoom and Teams to reach out and connect with members. I don’t see these going away, but enhanced and used for “Hybrid” meetings, with both in person and those at home attending.

Although this pandemic is far from over, many of the restrictions have been lifted and people are starting to plan vacations, returning to more-normal activities for both work and leisure. It is a perfect time to grasp onto the idea of a “Fresh Start” and get back to Lodge.

This also applies to Lodges that may have not been active prior to COVID. One of the first steps is plan an informal get-together and from that start to place designs on the Trestle-board. A good place to start is perhaps a Table Lodge, Ladies at the Table or a social get-together. It does not need to be a huge event to make a huge change. Reach out and grasp this opportunity. Remember back to how you felt when you first joined, you can have that again.

Remember change begins with you, don’t forget to push the “Masonic Reset Button”.

See you at Lodge,


Lon W. Kvasager, Grand Secretary

Grand Lodge A.F. & A .M. of North Dakota


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